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Welcome to The Sterling Taylor Group

The Sterling Taylor Group provides a system which takes businesses to the next level.

Our coaching model and process have been used by over 65,000 businesses across the Globe and based on surveys of our past clients, has resulted in increasing business values an average of 71%.

We provide you with the tools and strategies to build that really strong foundation to take you to that great level of business that you are looking for while finding you more free time for yourself.

You will have the support to allow you, the owner, to take your business to the next level.

Our Trusted Advisor Story...

"The clients were advised to wait…take the business off the market and continue to grow it. It would be relisted when it surpassed $2M in EBITDA. This is the difference between an adviser and a broker. A broker would just have made the sale. A trusted adviser provides sound advice, and helps their clients make well-informed decisions."

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Our Programs Focus On:
-Business Owner Strategies utilizing effective cohort programs tailored to business size, contingency plans, valuations, sale preparation and business brokering

-Customized Financial Institution support: for High Net Worth client
development and commercial client support

  • valuable insight in a confidential environment

  • Build similar owner friendships and repertoire in discussions

  • Moderator run with focus on specific topics creating an environment of strategies and problem solving discussions

Win with strategy  filled meetings with detailed discussions on subjects such as:

-Using KPI's to   

 manage and profit

-Building Value

-Business Scaling

-Recurring Revenue


-Making your

 business unique

-Finding the "right" 


-Employee retention

and many, many more pertinent areas

*Non-Disclosures required

*Members only allowed

*Invitation only inter-group 

  networking allowed



 Our own Towne Square Program* A custom designed program

specifically designed for Financial Institutions for the purpose of client business development  and commercial loan  support

*A proprietary program designed for new High Net Worth Client development and existing commercial client support

 Business owners "War Room"


A must For Business Owners

  • Private and Confidential

  • Provides valuable strategies gained from over 65,000 businesses world wide

  • Confidential interaction

  • Cohort Groups based on Business Size

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