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Client Stories

Our Trusted Advisor Story

The clients contracted to value and sell a lower middle market business in the medical services industry. The clients were ready to exit, and the business was healthy and growing. The business was listed for sale, and soon received offers.


The business was earning about $1 million (in TTM EBITDA). The offers received all hovered around $4 million…a 4X multiple of EBITDA. This is where the business was valued for the owners, so they were expecting this, and were pleased with the offers. It would have been easy to complete the sale with one of these buyers, and the story would have ended there.

However, it didn’t end there. The business was continuing to grow rapidly, and the difference in multiples being offered for companies at $1M EBITDA (the lowest rung in middle market businesses), versus $2M, was substantial.

The clients were advised to wait…take the business off the market and continue to grow it. It would be relisted when it surpassed $2M in EBITDA. This is the difference between an adviser and a broker. A broker would just have made the sale. A trusted adviser provides sound advice, and helps their clients make well-informed decisions.

The business did sell two and a half years later -- for a lot more money. In fact, our clients saw a 281% increase and were able to sell for $15,250,000.

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"Walt made a positive contribution to our company's growth, which grew to $3 billion in assets. Walt us an honest individual, with a high level of knowledge in the industry."

Rudy Schupp

Atlanta Federal Reserve,
Past Board Member

"I had the pleasure of working with Walt Bowman more than a year and a half. Throughout the relationship, Walt delivered the best consulting practices for our company. He coached our sales force and within 1 year DOUBLED our income. Our relationship was positive and profitable and I would personally recommend his professional services."

Brian K. Collins

Vice President, Triangle Bank
Raleigh, NC

"During my years as a MBA professor, I had the opportunity to interact with many high level executives, I would consider Walt Bowman to be among the most qualified. Walt's strong points are his executive management skills, experience and his ability to practically apply his business acumen. I find it refreshing to work with a consultant with years of proven and practical experience who can approach the client's needs in a beneficial manner to create a positive impact. I highly recommend Walt Bowman.

Dr. Shane Senaie

Retired MBA Professor, GA Tech
Owner, Snap International, Inc

Brandi Owens
Owner, Catering Connection
Cleveland, TN

"Walt is very knowledgeable and inspirational. Walt's upbeat attitude, forwardness and genuine concern for his clients make him a pleasure to work with. Whether you are looking for a motivational speaker to help educate your audience members, ideas to increase revenue, an exit plan or someone to sell your business, Walt is a great choice!"

Chris Clarkson
Owner, The Wood Gallery 
Georgetown, TN

"I’m a small manufacturing business owner, that does business with several national companies. We have developed a new technology that we were going to market/sell the rights to use.  We had a predetermined value but with Walt’s expertise and guidance we were able to go to market at more than 4x our original value.  He was able to strategically improve our value and position with our intellectual property/new technology.  Walt has been a huge help to our business and a joy to work with."

Randall J Smith
Owner, A-1 Remodel
Dayton, TN

"As owner of a multimillion-dollar remodeling company doing business in different locations, have only good things to say about Walt Bowman."

"He provided us with operational input, strategies and financial assistance that are helping us meet our growing demand. 

Besides understanding business and the requirements to make a business successful, Walt provided meaningful consulting activities at tremendously reduced costs to our operation. 

He is truly a dedicated, seasoned business professional, and I welcome inquiries concerning Walt." 

"If Sincerity, Integrity, and Commitment to make a difference are things that matter to you, I guarantee you won't be disappointed!"

-Walt Bowman

CEO/Chief Strategist

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